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Stop wasting hours every week.

Halt the feeling of overwhelm from spinning too many plates.

Eliminate procrastination.

Prevent task switching so you finish what you started.

Drop the sense of failure when you don’t get important stuff done in time.

Would you like to replace email overload with inbox zero, revolutionise prioritisation and planning, overcome procrastination and get important tasks done?


Reasons to choose Aspiration Station

My name is Mandy Healey and I am a time management expert with the key to an inbox zero, slick prioritisation and effective planning. My aspiration is to help my clients save the equivalent of a month every year.

I have a proven record of helping others reach their full potential and reduce their stress levels by harnessing 25 years of leadership experience in a FTSE 100 Company underpinned with training and coaching qualifications. I set up Aspiration Station to share powerful insights which lead to better outcomes quicker. My courses have been described as a game changer.

All you have to do is fly



Empowers you to take control of your day and save as much as 5 hours a week.

With the secret to inbox zero; overcoming procrastination; perfect planning and prioritisation and getting better outcomes quicker.

Leadership Mentoring

Insights to help you grow in confidence, develop, and empower your team.

Get important tasks done and convert your vision into goals, with an action plan to make things happen on time and in budget.


Inspiring you to reflect on what you need to change and make that happen.

With encouragement, support, and accountability, I can empower you to fulfil your aspirations.

Inspirational talks

A range of talks to inspire audiences in meetings or events, including insights to save significant time and reduce stress.

Inspiring the audience with motivational tips for events of any size.

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