Coaching and leadership mentoring

Have you found you have great ideas but lose momentum before you complete positive changes?

Do you ever lack confidence, motivation, or enthusiasm?

Is it difficult to know where to start or what order to do things in, to get the best outcome?

With leadership, business ownership and coaching experience, I will help you find ways to make changes that can make a significant difference. Offering a range of frameworks and coaching models to help you track your progress, I am a professional coach with over 500 hours of coaching and mentoring experience and 2 coaching qualifications.

Price list

  • Short consultation call **FREE**
  • Coaching
    4 x 1-hour sessions = £497
  • Coaching
    6 x 1-hour sessions = £747
  • Mentoring
    1-hour sessions = £137
  • 30-minute discovery call including some guidance and tips = £37

If you are ready to fufil your aspirations

Getting started

The first step in coaching is a discovery call to explore together what you would like to change. I also use coaching preparation forms to gather more details about your aspirations. During coaching sessions with me, you can work through anything that holds you back from reaching your full potential. With the benefit of my experience and coaching style, examples of transformational changes many clients have made include:

  • Increased self-confidence, banishing limiting beliefs and self-doubt.
  • Improved productivity from examining priorities to figure out how to reduce or eliminate ‘time robbers’.
  • Getting to the root of procrastination and finding renewed energy to get it done.
  • Improving communication skills to get better outcomes.
  • Increased creativity and innovation 

Feedback highlights how my past clients appreciate the opportunity to reflect and discuss any concerns in a safe space. I pride myself on my professional approach and strict code of confidentiality. 100% of my coaching clients have confirmed they would recommend me to a colleague or friend.

Contact Mandy

If you wish to contact or book a free consultation with Mandy, please call or email:
07776 305615 |