what is stopping you is where we start
what is stopping you is where we start

Mandy Healey, founder of Aspiration Station

My name is Mandy Healey and I am a time management expert with the key to a inbox zero, slick prioritisation and effective planning. My aspiration is to help my clients save the equivalent of a month every year.

I have a proven record helping others reach their full potential and reduce their stress levels by harnessing 25 years leadership experience in a FTSE 100 Company underpinned with training and coaching qualifications. I set up Aspiration Station to share powerful insights which lead to better outcomes quicker. My courses have been described as a gamechanger.

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We specialise in time management and personal effectiveness training. We aim to understand developmental needs and work with you to help save time, improve communication and increase motivation to get better results. Training with Aspiration Station could be the new secret to your success. Find out more about a range of training courses.


Coaching can be very powerful as it is about harnessing your own potential and opening up ways in which you can move your life forward.

An accredited personal and business development coach with over 300 hours coaching experience Mandy is one coach who encourages, supports and helps people reflect and make positive, lasting changes. Mandy says:

“I can help you reach your full potential, guiding you to explore new ways of working, tackle challenges, reduce procrastination and improve your outcomes. Coaching clients regularly tell me their confidence has grown and their stress levels have reduced after coaching with me. Small changes can make a big difference.”

Coaches pride themselves on their ability to listen and understand your life and work challenges. We can help you discover what is holding you back and help you find the key to your motivation. Placing an emphasis on personal well being, We help clients slow down and yet increase their personal effectiveness, to improve their results. Client feedback for Mandy, over the past few years has confirmed “I really listen to people, understand their challenges and inspire people I work with to be the best version of themselves.”

We offer one to one coaching tailored to your individual circumstances.

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"We all really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. We are fired up and keen to implement some well overdue changes. Mandy inspired us all. I liked Mandy’s style and valued her expertise. My team are excited by the insights in the course"

Alex, Director of HOV training

"After hearing of Mandy’s work from a colleague I decided to see if Mandy could help. After a prolonged busy period I was keen to sharpen my time management up and embarked on coaching with Mandy. Having worked quite a few extra hours for sometime, I was quickly able to reflect, adapt, delegate and move forward with a more effective and efficient approach to my work, ultimately giving me better work Life balance”.

Anthony T, Swansea

"I have recently completed 4 sessions of coaching with Mandy and have found these sessions to be invaluable.Mandy helped me to look differently at areas in both my work/home life. I discovered “the power of the question “ a simple tool but it is so effective, as it can bring you a more positive outcome. We also worked on some guilt issues by reflecting on responsibilities and family commitments. Mandy helped me see the benefits of spending a little more on some much needed “me” time . If you are considering signing up for coaching with Mandy I would recommend you do this.

Nerys, Vale of Glamorgan

“I have found this course very engaging but also reassuringly action focussed. The storytelling brought things to life. It had a ‘call to action’ feel and left me wanting to implement the new way of dealing with my emails asap. It has now been 6 months since the course, and I have managed to embed the very simple, easy-to-use principles into my daily routine. I have a clear inbox at the end of each day and no longer stress about my emails, feeling a lot more productive. Thank you, Mandy!”

Monika Graham, Assistant Programme Director, Oxford Brookes University

“Mandy delivered her course to our residential conveyancing team during the Stamp Duty exemption period. Client and agents’ emails were particularly ‘relentless’ during this time and so Mandy’s course was extremely valuable in giving the team the tools to manage their inboxes and keep clients happy.”

Alison Lee, Managing Director, Biscoes

‘’Did this short course with Mandy and it made a huge difference - took the burdensome weight of my email inbox off my shoulders. Nothing she suggests is rocket science, she almost gives you permission to do what you know is right, that topped up with practical and usable tips and it really works. Zero inbox. From thousands. Recommended.’’

Mark, Southampton, University Estates Director

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If you wish to contact or book a free consultation with Mandy, please call or email:
07776 305615 | enquiries@aspirationstation.co.uk